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Innovation Governance Program

I am thrilled to have been part of the inaugural Innovation Governance Program (IGP) presented by the Canadian Council of Innovators (CCI). The program is a must for any business leader in today’s intangible economy.

The first cohort of the Innovation Governance Program began in November. Very relevant training for anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the themes of primary importance for governance of companies in the intangible economy: role of the board of directors, cybersecurity, intellectual property strategy, risk management and more.

I will take this opportunity to also say a few words on one of the partners, the Innovative Asset Collective (IAC), for which I serve on the Board of Directors.

Intellectual Property (IP) and data are the most valuable assets of many cleantech and data-driven companies. A successful IP strategy is critical for businesses to maintain their competitive advantage as they grow.” (IAC)

The IAC was launched in December 9, 2020, to help Canadian SMEs in the data-driven cleantech sector gain awareness and leverage the value of their IP. The goal is to foster Canadian innovation and benefit the Canadian economy. How? IAC is offering:

  • education to its members on IP, IP strategy and data strategy;

  • grant program giving members the “receive grant funds to be used to file new patents, keep existing patents alive or expand coverage to match other IP related activities.”;

  • IP intelligence to its members through patent landscape reports;

  • “access to a pool of member-relevant patents and licenses (IAC’s portfolio)”.

I wish to highlight IAC’s recent study on women entrepreneurs and intellectual property. This study aligns with IAC’scommitment to inclusion and representation across all areas of IP education”. The results of the findings and the actions to address them will soon be made available on the IAC website. A recording of the live forum can be found here.


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