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Seminar on Secured Lending in IP & Bankruptcy issues

June 13, 2018: Join me for the « Sûretés sur la propriété intellectuelle et enjeux dans le cadre d’une faillite » Canadian Bar Association’s seminar at the Hôtel Inter Continental, Montreal.

I will be moderating and presenting secured lending in intellectual property with experts Michael Hanlon (McMillan LLP), Philippe Jordan, CPA, CMA, CIRP, LIT (PricewaterhouseCoopers) & Stephen Raicek (De Grandpré Chait).

The seminar will cover the spectrum of issues relating to taking IP as collateral: from creation and perfection of the security interest, to enforcement in insolvency/bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings.

A topic of interest for all lenders and borrowers in today’s knowledge-based economy.


Update, July 24, 2018: I share the presentation from the conference. Please note that the content does not represent the views and opinions of the Canadian Bar Association nor those of the National Bank of Canada.

Click here to download.

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